International Journal of Advanced Community Medicine
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International Journal of Advanced Community Medicine
Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A (2021)
S. No. Title and Authors Name
A study on prevalence of hypertension in the rural adult population
Dr. Anupama P, Dr. Radha Y Aras, Dr. Jeram Parmar and Dr. Abhay Nirgude
Pages: 01-04  |  656 Views  |  288 Downloads  |  Country: India
Risk factors associated with hypertension among adults in rural area
Dr. Anupama P, Dr. Radha Y Aras, Dr. Jeram Parmar and Dr. Abhay Nirgude
Pages: 05-10  |  605 Views  |  269 Downloads  |  Country: India
Knowledge, attitude and practice of family physician regarding global cardiovascular risk assessment in PSMMC primary health care centers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Salman Dhaher Alenezi, Dr. Osama Samir Almansouri and Mustafa Kofi
Pages: 11-18  |  658 Views  |  275 Downloads  |  Country: Saudi Arabia
Best practices for returning to lab after lockdown: Role of Agilent company solutions in assisting
Dr. Sanjev Dave, Dr. Anuradha Dave and Dr. Rajesh Jain
Pages: 19-22  |  513 Views  |  168 Downloads  |  Country: India
Knowledge about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease among family physician in primary health center at prince sultan medical military city, 2020
Abdulrahman S Alhumaid, Ayla Tourkmani and Mostafa Kofi
Pages: 23-28  |  649 Views  |  304 Downloads  |  Country: Saudi Arabia
Socio demographic characteristics of infants who had received primary immunization
Dr. Nandini RC, Dr. Prakruthi AR and Dr. DH Ashwath Narayana
Pages: 29-31  |  569 Views  |  248 Downloads  |  Country: India
Knowledge about the symptoms of hypoglycemia and its risk among primary school teachers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Yazid Mohammed Alotaibi, Mubarak Faihan Aldajani and Dr. Saad Al Battal
Pages: 32-39  |  818 Views  |  411 Downloads  |  Country: Saudi Arabia
Capacity building and assessment of grass root workers regarding their role in prevention and management of the COVID-19 pandemic at a rural health care facility in Delhi
Dr. Bratati Banerjee, Dr. Ekta Arora, Dr. Pallavi Singh, Dr. Nidhi Budh and Dr. Puneet Mishra
Pages: 40-43  |  741 Views  |  313 Downloads  |  Country: India
The risk factors and parent perceptions regarding childhood poisoning; A descriptive cross-sectional study
Dr. Ali Alqahtani, Dr. Norah Aljaseer and Dr. Mustafa Kofi
Pages: 44-53  |  775 Views  |  443 Downloads  |  Country: Saudi Arabia
Factors affecting the use of patient portals among chronically ill patients in an outpatient hospital setting, kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Jamala Selan, Jwaher A Almulhem, Ranyah N Aldekhyyel and Jehad Y Saleh
Pages: 54-60  |  840 Views  |  520 Downloads  |  Country: Saudi Arabia
International Journal of Advanced Community Medicine
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