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International Journal of Advanced Community Medicine
Vol. 6, Issue 2, Part A (2023)

Creating awareness on water conservation among students: A Hamirpur study

Author(s): Dr. Madan Lal, Dr. Abhilash Sood, Partikshit Thakur and Aman Kumar
Introduction: Clean water is a very important component of our life, so, we need to conserve water for future safety. Water is such a commodity that cannot be made but it can be saved. Safe water is reducing globally due to the increasing population and its usage.
Objective of the study: Project was conducted to create awareness among the students of schools, colleges and the general public.
Material and Methods: Study was conducted among 6000 participants through a pre-structured Performa. 5000 participants responded. Pre and post-evaluation was done. Study was conducted in the department of Microbiology at Dr. Radhakrishnan Govt Medical College Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh. Project started after obtaining Ethical; approval from the Ethical committee of the College. Permission was also obtained from the Director of Higher Education Himachal Pradesh. It was a one-year study from April 2022 to March 2023.
Results: During pre-evaluation, it was revealed that 37% of participants were saving water, 10% were taking shower more often than a bath, 34% turned off the tap while brushing teeth, 24% had dual flush system at home, 10% collected water from washing fruits and vegetable to water plants, 25% while buying a new dishwasher selected a water-saving one, 22% used biodegradable washing and cleaning products, only 16% collected rain water, 29% water the garden with rain water, 24% use house when watering the garden, only 16% wash their car with rain water, 35% used bucket to save a water while washing the car and 31% used water when cleaning the yard
In post evaluation it was observed improvement was expressed in some areas such as that 19% express their willingness to turn the tap and use mug while brushing teeth. 6% more participants showed interest in using water for watering the plants used for washing fruits and vegetables. There were 7% More participants who expressed their willingness in washing car by using bucket and mug. All other parameter remained unchanged
Conclusion: Study reveals that there is a great need to make people aware on saving water. Natural resources are reducing along with the increasing population. We must all make changes in our lifestyles that will change the course of our water and its quality. Awareness programme, water management authorities need to plan for more efficient use of the water resources in the future. If most of an areas clean water is wasted, there will not be water for future generations to use, meaning the city. There is a need of more research at a larger level.
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Dr. Madan Lal, Dr. Abhilash Sood, Partikshit Thakur, Aman Kumar. Creating awareness on water conservation among students: A Hamirpur study. Int J Adv Community Med 2023;6(2):43-46. DOI: 10.33545/comed.2023.v6.i2a.263

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